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The Black Pimpernel is based on a true story and real events during the military coup in Chile September 11th 1973. We follow the Swedish Ambassador, Harald Edelstam, and his heroic action to save the lives of innocent people from the brutal regime that took over power after the elected president Allende. This is a story about a remarkable man personally saving more than 1300 people within a period of less than three months in Santiago. He fought the regime as a one-man army, became an inspiration for other embassies and was of course expelled in December 1973. However this is a story about civil courage and about making a difference as a human being in a crises situation. It’s also a story about a man fighting his own demons to redeem himself and allowing him to love a woman again. Something he managed to do in Santiago 1973.


(91’ feature. Swedish-Danish-Mexican-Chilean film. English language.)




STREET LOVE  Docudrama 


“Shot under dangerous conditions in some of the most squalid parts of Mexico City, this documentary tells the story of Rosa Zaragoza, a prostitute who has fought back against organized crime and police corruption. Zaragoza was kidnapped at age seven by three policemen who raped her and forced her into prostitution. She worked as a prostitute for 30 years and managed to raise eight children. Outraged at the exploitation and violence that she and others have faced, Zaragoza became a spokesperson for the rights of prostitutes; she organized a union to advocate on their behalf, acted as a mentor for younger women, and publicly exposed police officers who were also pimps. She was kidnapped, raped, and beaten for her courageous stand, but she continued to fight. Rosa keeps speaking up for her women friends, against injustice, corruption and violence. The joy and hope of this charismatic woman, with 8 sons, is fascinating. - The filmmakers were also attacked, shot and injured during the production of this documentary, but survived.” (Todd Kristel, Rovi) 


(91’ feature. Swedish-Danish-Mexican-film. Spanish language).)





Based on a true story: Aschlop, 17 years, is surviving witness to a massacre, where the military in Guatemala slaughters an entire neighbouring village. She also sees her brother, Mateo, 19, knocked down and captured by the military. She escapes with her family along with hundreds of thousands of other indigenous people across the border into the southern Mexico. Aschlop has a supernatural relation to her brother via their protecting spirits – the puma and the owl – and swares in front of Mateo’s new born son to find the truth about Mateo.


An Ulf  Hultberg – Åsa Faringer film


(87’ feature. Danish-Swedish-Mexican film. Spanish language.)


Based on best-selling novel "Pumans Dotter" by Monica Zak, Screenplay by Bob Foss. 







Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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